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Hello, you dear ones. My name is Annina. I’m a 19 year old girl who lives in the south of Austria and – this is the most important – a new face of brigitte models. What an honour!

Since I was a child I loved to be creative. To stand behind or in front of the camera was my thing. Thus I wished to get a creative job when I’m old enough – maybe I would become a singer or an actress…or even a model. So I decided to attend a music school. There I had the chance to sing in front of audiences till I passed my final exam last year – how exciting!

But my big dream has been, and still is, to become an international model. An aim for which I have fought. What gives me the power to go after my targets is a special experience. Since I was a teenager I wanted to get to know my father. Shortly after my graduation I decided to fly to Colombia to meet him for the first time of my life. This encounter changed me a lot and motivated me so much to fight more for my dreams. Thus I decided to give all I’ve got, was on many shootings, contacted brigitte models and – you guessed it – was contracted :)

Besides the modelling I’m a normal and average girl: I study at the university, like to go to gym and love to meet my friends.

To be a curvy model is the best thing to happen to me. I would like to be an inspiration for many women and young girls, who think they don’t have the right measurements for this business. Believe in yourself – we just have one life and shouldn’t waste any second of it.